March 31, 2004

Chasm. A fun little flash adventure.
  • If I play long enough do I get so see naked girls or something?
  • Not that I remember (and I think I would).
  • When I played that a while ago it sent me half-insane with fury as I tried to work out just what the hell to do. Never again.
  • that was fun. why is this lady hassling me about doing "wirk"? What the hell is "wirk"?? Just let me play the game lady!
  • I found this game about a year ago on MeFi. There are some clues in that thread if you're stumped.
  • I remember this, I think. Is it the one with the dam? Oh, yeah, what Agent X9 said. It's a good mefi thread, that one.
  • I was very very close to winning, but then it froze and I destroyed my computer. Now I have to buy a new computer.