March 31, 2004

You may hate software. This site will deepen that hatred.
  • confusing... very confusing.
  • OK, so it's a blog that reviews shitty software with a few random pictures thrown in. I want to know what up with the comments. Here are a few examples: ----------------------------------- First post! Thank you, thank you... Posted by: Pan Fried I have a big weiner. Posted by: longdongsilver First! Posted by: First! Dear first. you were not first. i was first not you. idiot. Posted by: michael eisner I swear, that's the last time I buy generic rubber bed sheets. Posted by: Nick Seventh post! Posted by: Comment Space Waster Pro 2.0.1 Nick smells like farts. Posted by: fuddes ----------------------------------- They just kind of go on link that.
  • This would be funnier if we were all ui designers. :| Also, people are telling me the site renders like ass under IE and Opera. Sorry, Monkeys
  • I'm getting "Fancy Chicken Friday." I keep clicking on the chicken, but nothing happens.
  • Try typing in the URL /archives after the address. You'll be able to access the archive directory of the site.
  • ~
  • so this software. is it something i would need a mac to appreciate the suckiness of? granted, there's plenty of sucky windows software packages out there. but as far as "this sucks" websites goes, this one... um... kinda sucks. it needs more pictures of chickens, i think.
  • Okay, but its not as bad as Crazy Apple Rumors, dullest of all Mac humor sites.
  • shotsy, I feel so lowbrow now. I like CARS. Mostly because I read the entry about OSX's third birthday and laughed my ass off because kids are just. like. that.
  • much funnier