March 31, 2004

Confess your sins, then buy the book. If you couldn't get enough of, here's more anonymous confessions for you. Tackier than ever before!
  • I found out about through Metafilter, but all the good confessions had apparently been deleted. Several had been hyperlinked but none came up. I've popped in from time to time but it's the same dozen confessions over and over. BORING. I don't like how this one is set up, I don't want to have to click on each one to read them. Too much effort, not enough bang! Have I mentioned before that I am painfully lazy?
  • Isn't anyone else going to comment in Number One's thread? Ingrates! Savages! Vulgarians!
  • I confess, I didn't check it out that much earlier. The guy in the Hawaii shirt was kind of repugnant. But found a few kernels: confess that one day I will rule the world and you will all be my pathetic pawns. I've reserved Germany for my parents to live in, Australia for my friends to kick back in, Antarctica for sending all the contemptible mortals who dare offend me, and a nice, relatively unused island in the South Pacific for me to live in on weekends. I will be much happier when the world learns to worship me, and I've actually already started a to-do list for before and after my rise to power. Ahhhh.... So to reiterate, all will bow before my ego-driven greatness.
  • Wolof, be not nonplussed less ye throw stones at . . another's. . neighbor . . . that link made me sad. Waaaaahhhh!
  • I did notice this time around that grouphug is also getting into the book market. Quick, everyone, confess something really witty!
  • One time I watched a porno where the guy eats a girls poop. I tried it with my own and I really enjoyed it. Nobody knows
    I find it hard to fap to this. </fark>