March 30, 2004

What Would Jesus Test-drive? [via Squoogy]

I remember hearing about this survey when it first made news about six months ago...I always sorta pictured him in a 1967, cherry red Popemobile. With leopard-print seats, of course.

  • No way! Jesus drives a Hummer. Or a Suburban, maybe. Because he could give a shit about gas prices and Paul and the rest of the apostles are always cadging rides, that's why.
  • Jesus rides a BMX.
  • A donkey, right?
  • the only messiah I'm gonna follow will drive a muscle car, preferably a red convertible '69 GTO...oh yeah.
  • I heard he goes for German cars.
  • Well, it's gotta be able to do land AND water... so I'm thinking this.
  • But would he stick one of these on his rear bumper?
  • My favorite part was how he called the hybrid a golf cart. *snicker*
  • If he did drive a Hummer then he could perform the miracle of finding a proper parking spot for it.
  • Kimberly, you're witholding links from us! Isn't squoogy your baby?
  • There's the old joke about the disciples riding in his Honda with Him ... because they were all in one Accord ... Personally, I see Jesus in an old-skool, 1972 VW Bug, no hippie flower in sight.
  • The "Mostly finish work. Cabinets." line killed me when I read this on paper.
  • Hold on a minute. What's Jesus doing in New Jersey?
  • What's Jesus doing in New Jersey? Getting a hummer! /ex-Catholic