May 20, 2010

Ninjas foil mugging! No, really...''There was the policemen and there was the ninjas,'' he said. ''It was not something that I would expect.''
  • What I can't understand is why the muggers weren't taken *down*. Were the ninja standing around ninjabbering or ninjacking-off? The ninja could have ninjaculated some darts. Why didn't one of the ninja tell the other one to hold the ninjacket from his black ninjammies while he ninjackhammered the muggers before he took them to ninjail? They were all probably too busy standing there eating ninjalapenos and drinking their ninJagermeister. But it's still a good thing they got the guy out of a ninjarring ninjam. And the victim went down a dimly lit alley because...? Just another nincompoop, I guess.
  • Monkeyfilter: eating ninjalapenos and drinking their ninJagermeister.
  • This reminds of an incident involving an armed a gun shop. It didn't go well for the now deceased perpetrator.
  • They foiled the robbery because they are trained ninjas. If the muggers were suddenly bum rushed by a group of regular guys the result would have been different how?
  • less ninja, obviously. duh. ;)
  • no one ever expects the ninjas.
  • In sorrow, I must bring you no less than 8 amazing stories of ninja failure *raises fists to heavens* What is happening to our ninjas?
  • I despair of ninjas of today, I really do. Useless. No stamina. Back in my day, ninjas were proper ninjas, none of this comedic failure business. Bah. Now get those inelegant black-clad impostors offa my lawn.