March 30, 2004

TELL ON TEENS is a resource intended to help reduce the illegal, inappropriate and malicious conduct of teens, "a service developed for the public to specifically report the inappropriate behavior of our youth."
  • Report on Teens "making out"? And they charge 50 bucks a year...
  • Sounds like a lot of work for the public to report an inapproiate teen. Why do all that when I could yell at them myself? Their entire business model really involves everyone else doing the work, and them getting paid. I think there is something seriously wrong with that. If parents are that worried about their kids maybe they should try.. umm... parenting.
  • now, TELL ON BUSH is free. how they ever gonna compete?
  • Heh. Put one of these bumper stickers on your teen's car and turn him/her into a social pariah. You won't need to worry about them necking in the station wagon or driving recklessly with a carload of friends. They won't have any. Alternatively, I do look forward to the situations where a parent takes their teen's car and gets busted for bad driving.
  • Tell On Teens: It Takes A Village To Blame A Kid
  • That's a very poorly written site.
  • My friends would have had a lot of fun calling in bogus reports on me. And I would have done the same to them if they had such stickers on their cars.
  • Unfortunately, I think your non-friends would have a lot more "fun" making bogus reports.
  • In Soviet Russia, teens tell on you!
  • the dumb thing about this, and similar bits (like the v-chip) is that the parents who care enough to use it are quite often the ones who don't need to, because they're also the parents who will pay enough attention to what their kids are up to on their own. the 0.01% of lazy parents that make use of this type of junk isn't enough to justify its existence. disclaimer: i have cats, not kids. perhaps teens have become more wily than in my day.
  • The stricter the parents, the naughtier the children. Or something similar.
  • This might be bad on my part, but, where I live there is a dark parking area close to my house that some teenagers have recently found. They come to get high and drink. Since I know that there is no way I can stop them from doing this (and I wouldn't try--I did the same thing), and I don't feel like constantly calling the cops, who generally don't show up anyway, I have been going over to the kids to lay down the law: 1. Do NOT mess with the children that may be out playing, or I will make them pay. 2. Do NOT leave ANY litter or I will make them pay. 3. Do NOT EVER WAKE ME UP WITH YOUR VOICES OR YOUR SUB-WOOFERS, or I will make you pay. 4. Do not drink and drive--in other words, you may sit here and drink, I won't do anything, but you MUST have a D.D. 5. If you break any of my rules, in the time it takes for the police to show up, I will make you pay. It is amazing how well they respond. They are so grateful, they are practically falling all over themselves. Point is, they know someone knows, someone is watching, they won't get messed with if they are responsible about being irresponsible. Plus, this area does not get abused, they don't go there too often since I am watching.
  • Darshon - great system, great plan. I know there was a old couple who lived right next to a spot that we used to hang out as kids. They kept us in line (good enough), and but otherwise just left us alone. You only need to be yelled at a couple of times before realizing that they mean business. In the end though, tt was really a win-win situation for both parties. We got to hang out - they got peace and quiet. Although I come from a rather small town, with almost no police presence. I don't think that they even thought about calling the cops or anything.
  • I agree with bah. When I was younger - all of ten years ago - the kids whose houses we hung out at were the ones where the parents were in the know about our usage activities but as long as we didn't get out of line they looked the other way. Darshon - Right On! It's one thing to let the kids do their thing, but to let them know that you're actively keeping track of their nonsense and will not hesitate to bust their asses is great. I wish there were more people like yourself in this country. It's gotten so out of control that the youngsters these days know there's not much we can do without getting slapped with a lawsuit, but to be able to turn the tables and blackmail them into behaving with their own illicit activities.... Good work.
  • I see these teens calling IRS audits on their parents in the near future. And Mum and Dad don't even want to think about what's going to happen when it's time for decisions to be made about nursing homes and respirators...
  • I think a lot of kids just want some kind of attention. Today, with both parents working, lots of children suffer from neglect, not in terms of sustanence or shelter, but in terms of attention. And anyone who's willing to pay them a bit of attention, and help them lay boundaries of a swiftly expanding world, they'd regard with a great deal of gratitude, I'll bet. I recall something about the "Law of the Soggy Potato Chip" by Fitzhugh Dodson, a psychologist who theorised that children who will settle for negative attention if the alternative is nothing at all. So they'll certainly welcome yelling and threats, if what they get at home is the "Invisible Man" treatment.Sorry, tried to find some links, but was unsuccessful.
  • Sorry, tried to find some links, but was unsuccessful. Ask any teacher.