March 30, 2004

Club the penguin and see how far it goes in this bizarre german game. [FLASH] I appologize in advance if you don't find it as entertaining as I did.
  • My personal best has been 874.3 . 874.3 what I have no idea.
  • Can't club penguin because link don't work. I'll go back to smacking boo_radley instead. *hefts 100-ton hammer*
  • I thought I was going to have to point out that this was already linked from just about every place on the internet, but upon closer examination... disturbing. I didn't find it particularly entertaining in part because of disturbing but also because only the middle part of the club works on the penguin. The outside part just passes right through.
  • The penguin. The kitty-pult. The hand-drawn clock. That flying guy. That psychotic pill-poppin' dolphin. All those marble games. The suicide bomber. The piss-simulator. Britney's boobs. Badge-badger. All those weird japanese cats. All those weird yatta-AYBABTU clones. All those old-school videogame ports. I've tried them all. I've fished them out from the browser cache to play with them whenever I want. I've spent way too much time on those. It's come to the point I dread reading posts with [Flash] links, I know I'm going to stay up until I've played with them. The net hates me. It won't let me go. Why does it keep creating all these... stuff? /runs away screaming
  • I'm not even going to link to the double post. But if that mobile phone goes off once more ... /schoolmarm
  • Here's one for ya, Flagpole. (Shockwave Flash)
  • The site for the original game, and the two subsequent Yeti games is: here. The original post's link goes to another version of Smack the Pingu that makes him fly farther (but without blood and decapitation).
  • * thock * * skid * ... * 312 *
  • Mine kept hitting those detonator things and went well over 1000.