February 27, 2010

An 8.8 earthquake has occurred in Chile. Australia and other pacific regions are on tsunami watch.
  • The family and I just finished shopping. We still can't decide whether to go to higher ground, or sit tight. We're on the 4th floor of a 40 story building, less than a half mile from Waikiki.
  • Stay safe, Mr. K! Hope all of our Pacific monkeys remain safe and dry. Here on Vancouver Island we've just got a tsunami 'advisory', so it doesn't look to serious. We'll know for sure in about three hours. The Big Picture has some remarkable pictures of the mess in Chile. Looks pretty bad.
  • The first waves have hit NZ but are .1 and .2 metres currently. Sounds like we'll just see changes in the water level at beaches rather than a series of big waves. We took the kids to the beach yesterday, I think we'll stay home today. Hope you are okay there Mr K.
  • Well, we went up the mountain. The traffic was bad, and a cop ended up backing into our car, from behind. No tsunami showed up. Kinda mad about the damage to the car, and we wish we hadn't left for higher ground, but everyone is safe, and that's a fair bargain.
  • On alert here until midnight, but it was low tide when the first waves hit. We're all good. Watching Japan carefully now. Fingers crossed for gomichild!
  • Oh, man. Not good. Glad you're safe, Knick. Sorry about the car, still, I think you did the right thing. Safe/sorry and all that. Gomi, stay safe!!
  • Mr. K: I agree with BlueHorse; you did the right thing by going to higher ground even though nothing happened. These things aren't very predictable and it's always better to err on the side of caution when lives may be at stake. Glad Hawaii only got a minor change in water level, and that you and your's are safe.
  • What a day of drama that was. We were on an evacuation alert - with sirens and announcements but luckily didn't have to in the end - although tens of thousands of people did across Japan. We were very lucky - the biggest tsunami was 1.2 metres. Some damage but no injuries and no deaths. It was the biggest warning in Japan for 17 years - and it went on for hours until authorities were absolutely sure the tsunami had stopped. Here's a list of tsunami observed - as you can see the entire Pacific coast had tsunami of some degree.
  • Glad to hear all is good, gomi. Scary stuff. Gotta watchyer monkey backs out there.