December 30, 2009

Gingerbread Houses to Dunk into Your Tea
  • more like Gingerbread Studio Apartments or Gingerbread Backyard Toolsheds or Gingerbread Unabomber Shacks, amirite? But at least you're not dunking them into coffee...
  • These little gingerbread houses eventually get squishy anyhow. So the lady's Mom was just being proactive with her cookie cutting. Here at home, on a more mundane level, our little gingerbread men got burnt, but that only added to the fun.
  • This whole thing about it, (whole that is), devolves on the fact that I never even got my comment credited as a *new comment* over here. What kind of a god would even permit this?
  • Those are ADORABLE. I desire to munch them with coffee though. I made these for Christmas parties this year. Quite well received, but lots of fiddling, and they don't travel well. Next year it will be these meeses which are just darling and should be easier. (HA! not for GramMa BlueHorse and these hooved thumbs) And Dan, quitcher whining.