December 26, 2009

Get with the game, monkeys . Don't make me play this by myself, kids.
  • So I took Christmas Day and most of Boxing Day off. How much more coal can Santa bring me?
  • Good boy, wendell. Down. Sit. Stay. Wanna biscuit?
  • got any TimTams?
  • Sit. Catch.
  • it has to be said... om nom nom nom... and somebody besides BlueHorse and I needs to do 36, because I call dibs on 37...
  • I missed my age, and since it's all about me, I don't wanna play. You did that weird thing with the arrow at the top of the page. Haven't seen that in a while, either.
  • Yeah, what IS that arrow thingie?
  • Oh, and since you can't be arsed to play, with YOUR background, I think you're being a spoiled little twit. Set a good example. Google for heaven's sake.
  • The arrow is when you put an emdash in the title box. Weird, eh?
  • Well, as Grandpa said, "Now I can go to bed, because I've learned something." Must have stuttered with my fingers.
  • Don't go to bed grammy, do 50 so I can do 51 before someone else does.
  • I did one hundred, nanny nanny boo boo!!