August 24, 2009

Revolutionize Your Butt! I'll see your Monkey Western and raise you a Winker.

If you never take anything I say seriously again, at least do this: Watch the whole thing.

  • Wow. Just ... wow.
  • I stare at asses all day so I guess it's only fair that they stare back. I can't wait to get a pair and wear them while sitting in my Hawaii Chair
  • Not recommended for buttless chaps.
  • Islander--spit take! Now, had these been designed for the toddler to six year old range, they would have been absolutely darling. Butt... No. Just NO! At first I thought the duck was cute--in a four year old sort of way--then I thought the duck was saying, "Crack, Crack," until I realized it was "Quack, Quack." By then, my sensibility had been repulsed at the idea of calling attention to the fundament fracture.
  • It's the driving force of a repetitive motion that makes it work. Indeed, given enough loose flesh, a simple tattoo might suffice! therefore, the concept might well be adapted to buttless chaps, or even clueless ones, forsooth... *Note to self: establish a coherent marketing plan for plump person body art concept*
  • Sorry about that.