March 29, 2004

Monkey See, Monkey Surf [via MeFi]. Maybe NSFW, you'll see, or not.
  • I like it! It looks like a good way to find cool sites at random, too. Pity my first click came up with a whopping great Magnum, PI background image. :)
  • I love stuff like this, randomly generated art. Another thing not quite along the same lines but good is UploadIt(NSFW currently, but it's always changing). Anyone can upload pictures and they are added to the collage
  • Not to derail but... I've got a good Curious George related to this. I would like to possibly make the content of this site the background of my desktop (XP) and have it automatically update with the newest stuff like it does on the site. Is this possible? I tried the "Active Desktop" with web content stuff that windows offers but it doesn't seem to refresh (with the exception of setting the syncronizing to every day, but that's still only once a day). Any ideas?
  • I take it back, I was being an impatient monkey, the background does reload. Now the only thing I would like is for what's in the active box to take up the whole screen...
  • wow really neat idea. I really don't like active desktop in Windows XP, but i think I'm going to suck it up and make this my background for a while. It's really amazing how connected, cool and artsy completely random images of the web can look. Who knew?