July 09, 2009

InOtherNewsFilter: Man Dies after Falling Into Vat of Chocolate in NJ
He obviously didn't yell "FIRE!" (apologies for crappy sound quality recorded too loud but it was the best version I could find and I love these guys)
  • I misread that article: He was hit and fatally injured by the alligator that mixes the chocolate.
  • If only he had yelled CHOCODILE!...
  • Reminds me of something I saw on TV many years ago.
  • Shopping this around, are we?
  • orococo, I will not allow anyone to silence the Smothers Brothers!!!
  • That's so awesome that this guy died, otherwise I'd have never heard this ancient recording.
  • First of all, I feel badly that the man died, and that his family will be grieving him. That said, the (non-involved)living tend to mock and scorn death in it's multiple forms. Thanks to trac's comment, I now have granola and milk on my screen. Chocolate. Fear it.
  • I still have a mental picture of a crocodile standing above a vat with an apron and chef's hat on, stirring with a long wooden paddle. But, er, yes. Sympathies to the family.
  • This event was local for me. So the Courier-Post reports now that Cocoa Services Inc. is under investigation for not having a business license. But how important is that? Does it mean that OSHA didn't study or get to approve their safety nets? Or was Mr. Smith classified as an Oompa-Loompa?