March 28, 2004

Today I went to the M

When you first enter the M

  • Keep posting this stuff, babywanna. Same goes for plep. It doesn't pick up a lot of comments because it's not a question or an argument, but it's good good good.
  • I second that. [warped, pickled-in-ethanol banana]
  • I have always wanted to visit the M
  • /reminds self to prepare new will stipulating cremation. fascinating, but i wonder why i found viewing a vintage collection here at the medical school was less disturbing than these photographs.
  • Wow! It's like Rotten in real life!
  • Not only is this post excellent in itself, but "monkey travelogue" makes a good seed for a post.
  • This interesting program on the Mutter Museum aired on the Discovery Channel a couple of years ago; be on the lookout for reruns on the various Discovery Channel stations as it was incredibly interesting.