April 21, 2009

Amazing photos that are created without any digital manipulation. A little visual refreshment for the jaded... this guy works with large format cameras and creates his images without using any form of computer manipulation.

Okay, so this guy was my college photo prof, and was doing interesting things with shallow depth of field during the late 70s. His current work is pretty amazing considering that he's working in-camera only. Just a little something to cleanse the palate on a quiet Tuesday afternoon.

  • Nice. Water is always a calming subject.
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  • Tut.
  • Quite unnerving, those figures in the water. The stuff nightmares are made of, some of them.
  • The work Brian was doing back in the seventies involved tall stacks of glass plates on which various visual elements were arranged, and exposures made with huge apertures so that only one item in the stack would be in focus and everything else blurred. The end results were trippy, but frankly the setups were just as impressive. And the view camera used was a spectacular brass-bound antique. I'm guessing his current work is a refinement of that technique. I find it comforting that there are still people out there who eschew digital formats. Even though the new stuff is, indeed, unnerving.