April 17, 2009

One person's exhaustive attempt to gather into one website all the menstruation ads ever done. 1948: Are you in the know? 1990: Freedom! 1955: Help your daughter understand. 1970: Susan Dey says Tampax is "Just the ticket!" And there's Modess. . .because featuring gowns galore. There's so much to marvel at the Museum of Menstruation and Women's Health. Marjorie May Learns about Life in 1936! And Kotex prepares us for life in the 1920s. We can understand how to fit pessaries here, too.

I didn't know about Norwegian washable menstrual pads form the 19th C . And there's a colorful explanation about asbestos and tampons. It's all her. I mean, it's all here.

  • Bloody excellent post, goofyfoot! )))
  • Great links. Period.
  • A good post, but a few days late, which caused me a bit of anxiety...
  • HAW!
  • I was searching for old pictures of Kotex boxes from the 60s and early 70s to no avail - I can distinctly remember the pictures on them of mysterious ladies in elegant satin ballgowns, with facial expressions that sugggested they had no sense of humour and possibly a haunted past.
  • On that last link - colorful is right! Someone is going to recommend the Diva Cup any minute now, I can just sense it. I applaud users of the Diva Cup (and the like) but I'd like to proactively point out that no single solution is going to suit everyone's needs.
  • Bravo! This collection is unbelievable! I enjoyed it, as did my Aunt Flo.
  • Indeed, this is something I'll have to recommend to "my little friend."
  • Everyone loves a rags to riches tale.
  • This may have been the right time of the month for this post.
  • None of this funny, you're all rude and tacky, and I hate you all!!! And if I wasn't so bloated and cranky, I'd march over there and give you all a beating! Now who has my Oreos? WHO HAS THEM? This is so typical, I can never have anything for myself. Just once, I'd like to be able to finish my own package of frickin' cookies! Of course I couldn't find them even if one of you hadn't already eaten them, because this kitchen is a disaster! And I am NOT cleaning it up, I'm so tired of being the only one who does anything around here. Do you think the house magically cleans itself? Well, it doesn't! I do it, every single time, and by god, I'm tired of it! And NO, I don't want to go out to dinner, because I'M TOO FAT already! waaaaaaah! *runs into bedroom and slams door*
  • Does she always have to rag on us?
  • I forgot to highlight the poetry section, some of which is hard to read. There are women who really do consider it a curse, and girls whose mother's really did, or do, impart that notion to them. It's easy to goof on this stuff. But I thought menstruation was scary when it first happened to me, and I bet we all felt that way. I appreciate my feminist mother's attitude about puberty: it wasn't that my body was changing on me so much as I had a changing body. There's a difference in attitude there, which was empowering.
  • Na, I was probably over prepped, so it wasn't so much scary as it was a ROYAL PAIN!