March 27, 2004

Curious, George: Anyone have any good links to unintentionally hilarious web sites put up by high school acquaintances or ex co-workers. I come not to mock, but merely to admire.
  • That should be ex co-workers *question mark*
  • My sister's boyfriend runs his own business as a karaoke type. Makes a good amount of money, but he definitely never paid anyone to make a decent site for him. Check it out
  • I think genial meant this.
  • I dated a guy in my senior year who had graduated the previous year and was attending Concordia College. I googled him recently and found this [Google Cache]. I'm not sure it fits with the question, afterall the audience is fifth graders. Now, if you want to see some really fun/scary stuff you'll have to wait until I go back to work. I regularly mine our customer base for the amusing and frightening. My favorite activity is to watch as new accounts are opened and try to guess what their purpose will be.
  • *smacks head* thanks IgnorantSlut
  • genial, you really should have a talk with him. That is just sad.
  • i don't know about personal sites, but the website for my hometown school system looks like a classic "my first website" design circa 1995. the whole thing was built by the school superintendant, using golive 4. it's awful. my dad is an elementary school principal there; i keep threatening to let me redesign the entire thing, it's so painful to look at. in fact it's so bad that i won't even bother to link to it. it's just awful. we're talking pinkish-purple tiled background that doesn't even tile seamlessly, and half the links are relative to the guy's own computer and so don't work... sure, this is a pretty small town, but still! there are probably kids living there who could build a better page...
  • Bad site design you say? Should have seen it when they inverted every second
  • Good heavens, Pez, you should have put a NSFE!
  • Hey, thanks for the headache, Pez!
  • My current favorite. From an ancient Metafilter thread.
  • I don't know any friends, relatives or co-workers that have websites at the moment, or are even into that (aside from my husband, whose site is Geek Central). I just found this red monstrosity by accident, though.
  • lkc, that site was hilarious, not just from bad design but the writing. I don't know what's so special about Websites. Heck, I've had websites in various parts of my house for 23 years! But, enough about my own problems in acquiring the right insecticide, let's talk about what the point of this website is that you just found. Hahaha, and that guy is a member of Mensa!