March 18, 2009

A small bat that was spotted blasting off with the space shuttle Sunday and clinging to the back side of Discovery's external fuel tank apparently held on throughout the launch.


  • "Broken left wing and some problem with its right shoulder or wrist." Trouble comes in threes. I can sympathize with that bat. RIP.
  • Poor little guy. At least his final flight was spectacular. If you're going out, you might as well go out in style.
  • Koichi Wakata is apparently バット マン。 Too bad the little guy didn't fly away after the engines ignited... assuming that he probably got sucked into the firey plume after lift-off.
  • O, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth And pierced the atmosphere on leathern wing; My kind's nocturnal ultrasonic mirth Ne'er touched so high a pitch as this I sing. Starward I soar into the darkling dome Where never morning lifts the starry veil; And is not this my kind's ancestral home? Through timeless vaults where nebulae gleam pale My voice shall sound a last sweet sonar strain; No human ear shall hear my wish that I May pass before the Moon's full-circled pane, Unfurl my wings, and raise the Signal high.
  • I love Pallas's poetry.
  • that is very lovely, PA. a bunch of leathery black bananas to you!!
  • or should I say, batnanas???
  • This is terrible news. Now the dreaded space bats of Omicron Trianguli 3 will surely descend upon us and all our works with unquenchable flesh-rending vengeance in mind.
  • MonkeyFilter: My voice shall sound a last sweet sonar strain )))!
  • That is glorious, Pallas! Godspeed, wee batstronaut, wherever you are.
  • Well done, bat! Well done, Pallas!
  • Beautiful, Pallas. And godspeed indeed, little bat.
  • Many thanks for the kind words, all! Batnanas gratefully accepted; the word "batstronaut" much admired; dreaded space bats of Omicron Trianguli 3 placated with tropical fruits /REALLY hopes Dan Folkus hasn't seen the infamous Schlong Poem
  • Tut,Tut?
  • MonkeyFilter: Godspeed indeed, little bat. *salutes, lip trembles*
  • MonkeyFilter: Unquenchable flesh-rending vengeance in mind.
  • Damn it, Pallas, I'm crying at work now. I wish I was kidding.
  • A cheesy tribute to Space Bat
  • Aw, infinitywaltz-- would a hug and a heartwarming tale of a bat rescued by NPR help at all? Also a cute picture?
  • Cheesy!? As least as good as any "goodbye" on American Idol.