March 13, 2009

Paraplegic Man Suffers Spider Bite, Walks Again.
  • I hate this article. Are they theorizing that the spider bite did something to his nerves that allowed him to have feeling and walk again? Is there something in the venom that did this? Or is it just a coincidence that the guy got bit by a spider and then was able to walk shortly thereafter. I demand an answer.
  • Where was he bitten? I wonder.
  • It must have been a radioactive spider, like the one that bit Spider-Man.
  • I'm HEALED! Praise Jebus The Fang, I can walk again! I'm HEALED!
  • With causation implying correlation, anything is a candidate for a wonder treatment.
  • correction: "correlation implying causation".
  • Praise Jebus The Fang Lolth, I can walk again!
  • Things may indeed be looking "up" for him at last.
  • After this, therefore because of this. I think someone should interview the Brown Recluse. The spider, that is.
  • I'm with bernockle on this... I hate it too. There was: -a- some original walking (we suppose, but we were not told he could walk before the accident), -b- a motorcycle accident (caused by not doing -a-) -c- numbness in the legs (maybe caused by -b- or a mistake in the E.R.) -d- inability to walk (maybe caused by, or related to -c- or -b-) -e- time passing -f- a spider bite -g- hospitalization (caused by the side effects of -f-) -h- eight months of rehab (caused by -f-) -i- a spasm in the leg (maybe caused by h,g,f or none of them) -j- some kind of electrical test/shock (inspired by -i-) -k- sensation returns -l- five days -m- use of legs (caused by j,h,g,f,e or none of these) "...and his doctors call it a miracle". So the doctors are implying neither causation nor coincidence; they are suggesting intervention by some deity performing a magic trick. Dr. House would have none of it.
  • I was bitten by a brown recluse and practically LOST my leg - took six months for it to heal.....goddamn spiders. I hate them.
  • Good grief, Darshon. I'm glad you finally pulled through. Hope you beat that spider to death with a sledge hammer to make sure. And fumigated after.