March 06, 2009

If a man is alone in a forest, with no woman to hear him speak, and he expresses an opinion: is he still wrong? Apparently, the answer is yes.

However, to do so, you need to perform some Weak measurements. No comment about the implication as to which one is "the weaker sex". More information here, here, here and, for the physicists in the crowd, in this pdf paper

  • When a particle meets an antiparticle, Neither survives intact. But if there's noone there to see them, It seems they'll interact.
  • *draigl't particloatie*
  • This is why I couldn't find my wallet the other day. While I wasn't looking, it became an anti-wallet. The stupid grocery clerk wouldn't take my anti-money. So I stopped looking at his head and it became an anti-head!!
  • Also not existing: metaphilter
  • I could not make any sense of the design of the actual experiments based on Economist article, despite (or perhaps because of) my physics PhD. But I was able to find the preprint versions of the papers by Lundeen and Steinberg and by Yokota. The abstracts are pretty readable, I think, though the PDFs of the papers are not for the faint of heart.
  • And now I notice the link to Yokota in the "More inside", and the page links to the other paper. I should have done a weak measurement before posting.
  • MoFi is truly the last bastion of the 'philter. Soon to RIP.
  • wait.... that "soon to RIP" scares the heck out of me!
  • The 'Philter, I mean!
  • *whew*
  • And by soon she means "soon".
  • So are these (11 comments total) written in inwisible ink?