February 26, 2009

The Sopranos, Sex and The City, The Wire, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Six Feet Under, Rome, Band Of Brothers… All have raised the creative bar for all forms of popular entertainment, showing that television at its best can equal the artistic merit of the greatest movies and works of literature.
  • And before all those was The Singing Detective. For me, still a superior work of literature.
  • Why is the sexist shitefest that was Sex And The City counted as "television at its best"?
  • Some of us haven't seen even a single episode of any of these and are damn smug about the money saved.
  • if you are only going to see one of these, I cannot recommend Rome highly enough. it's SOOOOOOO awesome. (also, lotsa sex, nudity, violence, killings, sex etc.,) woohoo!
  • I wish I could subscribe to HBO online. My cable company makes you buy 100 channels of crap (plus TCM) before letting you get HBO, and that ain't gonna happen for me.
  • I don't watch TV. Haven't watched it in months. I have you people Monkeys for entertainment. Now dance, dammit. DANCE!!
  • I seen everything except Sex & the City, and Curb Yer Enthusiasm. The Wire is terrific. For me it's the best of the bunch. The characters, the writing, the plot lines, the feeling of a deep world. Aces all the way. Sopranos is second only because it's more uneven. The high points are classic but there's too much coasting in the later seasons. And what wid all those dream sequences? Rome is a real romp but the first season is better than the second. The funny thing about Band of Brothers is I had a hard time distinguishing the different characters, they all looked the same for the first few episodes.
  • Some of us haven't seen even a single episode of any of these and are damn smug about the money saved. In order of increasing cheaposity: 1. buy the series 2. rent the series 3. torrent the series 4. borrow the series from the library 5. borrow the series from yer friends!
  • I can't recommend Curb Your Enthusiasm enough. There is very little that makes me laugh. I like to watch "The Office." I think I like the pauses and the moments where characters are so uncomfortable that I become uncomfortable. Curb Your Enthusiasm is like that, but to a much greater degree. Just wanted to plug that show to anyone on the fence.