February 20, 2009

Go ahead, fall for the squeeee one more time! . SLYT
  • heeeeeyyyyy - moooooonkeybaaaaashi *pouts and points at date*
  • GramMa's on a squeee bender!
  • Hey! It's a whole new day here in I-dee-ho. I posted that other last night! and it's not like there's a metric buttload of posts in the past couple days weeks, anyway Oh, just bite me, 'chrome. And pour another glass of wine. It's Friday, and yer GramMa's getting schnockered!
  • *squints* I'm not lookin', I'se too busy squeeing!
  • That hedgehog is scary. I want to run away.
  • *arches eyebrow* BITE you hmmmm - where, pray tell?
  • You kinky bugger. Oooooo, my head aches. No more wine for me!
  • *grins*