February 20, 2009

Cardboard food Sculptures by Patianne Stevenson.
  • They look good, but not quite good enough to eat.
  • *wanders into thread looking for something to eat* *wanders out*
  • Crunchy!
  • Really good for high-fiber diets.
  • Her recipes look good too.
  • more food art, love the watermelon swimmer: http://fabulously40.com/article/id/2293
  • Unmonoblanco: Somewhere in this place we have a FAQ that tells you how to make html tags. I can't remember where Trac put it. *rummages around in mess* Can't find it. Someone else help Un...co out. And hire a maid for Trac.
  • here ya go
  • *looks confused* That's not our FAQ. It does solve Un...co's problem, but what about the FAQ, man?