February 20, 2009

Book Cover Archive Great collection of interesting and beautiful book cover designs. On a similar note, check out these terrific redesigns of the Harry Potter series in classic Penguin style (also Lemony Snicket and The Spiderwick Chronicles).
  • I like a cover I can pick up on the writer/title instantly, rather than having to scrutinize. And something fairly innocuous. Just read something with a wizard riding a flesh-shredding zombie Tyrannosaurus Rex on the front. Rather embarrassing to be carting around.
  • Looks as if it could be intriguing but the archive site is impossibly slow, at least at the moment.
  • Site's working fine for me, sorry, islander! I agree on innocuous, but the more interesting the better - I do sometimes pick books based on the cover...
  • Once a year, I go to the library's massive book sale. On Sunday, it's everything you can stuff into a paper bag for $10. My first stop is the cheap paperback mysteries table, where I stock up for the year on mindless entertainment. Those, I do pick pretty much by the cover. Cheesy vintage covers are good. Violent artwork is usually not my kind of mystery. If it's got fishing gear on it, I'll probably like it. But if it's got needlework or quilting, I'll probably be insanely bored... (When I hit the other sections, though, like vintage cookbooks, or travel books or art books, I'm much more selective. Although covers do matter for cookbooks.) Okay, I've just gotten myself aroused, thinking about all those books.....
  • *GramMa looks suspicious* Fairywench! What are you doing under those covers??
  • Lol...the plot thickens!