February 12, 2009

In July 2008, these two Jack Russell terriers were surrendered to the Auckland NZSPCA, morbidly obese due to poor diet and lack of exercise. This is the blog documenting their tremendous weight loss.

I was reading an article on the diet and exercise program Bert and Ernie have been on while at the vet yesterday (Kitteh's vaccination). They were so unfit they were out of breath after 30 steps, and couldn't walk up the single step to the kennels because their bodies were so big. Apparently you can indeed love your pets too much.

  • WTH? What? It is rather awesome that they blogged it. But possibly a little light on the content.
  • Back home we call these fiesta dogs.
  • Okay, maybe it's my state of mind right now, but that brought tears to my eyes. They've really done well by those dogs to bring their weight down like they have, and the surgeries and everything. A happy ending story is a nice change...
  • :)
  • Potatoes with toothpicks! Well done. Now, get me on my leash, please. It's been a lonnnng winter.
  • Poor puffy puppers! This is a great story and a cautionary one. Great post.
  • I just had to do the kilogram to pounds conversion and was shocked to see that the one dog weighed 65 lbs!! Holy kibble, Batman! I'm so glad they're being taken care of properly now.
  • Good christ, I don't think my dad's chocolate lab weighs 65 pounds. Wow. Poor little guys, too many people don't understand that food does not equal love! (says the guy who shares ice cream with his cats, every time) (but it's only a pea-sized lump, honest, because they're cats, not elephants)
  • Well, they're not elephants YET, but knowing cats, they probably sound like it at 2am.