February 12, 2009

Tolerance for all can be found in Islam. Let's hope that the seeds of peace grow, and that our other traditions can grow the same.

I was searching for samples of Turkish paper marbling when I cam across this. There is so much beauty there.

  • Islam, Christianity and Judaism. The three dragons that must be slayed if man is to progress.
  • Yep, I'm guessing finding examples of tolerance of other beliefs in the writings of any religion is pretty darn difficult, which is quite telling about theism in general. Or at least about organized religion.
  • All this talk of tolerance means nothing unless tolerance is also extended to non-believers and freethinkers, as they, too, may live righteous and exemplary lives. It isn't necessary to believe in an invisible and incomprehensible entity in order to be good. Also, what fish tick said. And orococo. Peace be to ALL PEOPLE!
  • They did mention tolerance for the Sabaeans, who were astrologers, and possibly the scientists of their day. But it does look as if scientists have to believe in God, as the magi did, in order to get the full Islamic stamp of approval. So, like kinnakeet said. Still, the latest hologramatic theory of the universe makes even hyper-reality subject to redefinition. *Holds out for that, and for the beauties of Turkish paper marbling as a two-dimensional paradigm for the Ultimate Logos*
  • NOTE: The Chinese Bible says "In the Beginning was the Tao." The English Bible says "In the Beginning was the Word." Both try to explain the earlier Greek translation of *Logos* which I would like to call Ultimate Beingness. But that's what they call God.
  • Many scholars and simpletons alike attempt to posit a Higher Intelligence, wanting to find some ultimate purpose behind this strange short trip we're on, but in the end, all we can say for certain is that you put your right foot in, you put your right foot out; you put your right foot in, and you shake it all about, you do the Hokey-Pokey, and you turn yourself around. That's what it's all about!
  • AMEN, brother! *raises hands in air* *struts a bit*
  • I can tolerate only so much religious poppycock.
  • all we can say for certain is that you put your right foot in You horrible infidel! - my people believe that the path of righteousness begins with the insertion of a left foot. How your heathen ways disgust me.
  • WORLD'S NEXT MESSIAH TO DEBUT ON FOX HOLY SEE, SUNDAY 15 FEBRUARY: In an effort to reinvigorate religion around the world, leaders of various faiths gathered together at the Vatican to announce that the search for a new numinous messiah would begin this season. "The time has come to re-unite all believers under the leadership of an all-new messiah for our times," announced Pope Benedict XVI. "And only the television game-show format can possibly bring forth the momentous personal saviour we all seek". The various Patriarchs, Rabbis and Pandits had come together for the joint launch of "World's Next Messiah!", a new show to premier on the Fox network this Spring. The program kicks off with a panel of select holy men holding auditions in a number of world capitals, looking for a fresh new son of God to launch onto the jaded religious market. Holy quadruped the Dali Lama said: "We encourage every young hopeful with spiritual talent to try out for a place in the knock-out rounds. We'll select 20 potentials to go through - but every week the TV public will vote out one contestant, until the World's Next Messiah is eventually crowned!" King-of-Kings hopefuls, gathered together in St Peter's Square, couldn't hide their excitement on hearing the announcement. "This is just the opportunity I needed to heal the world and fatten up poor people," said one young man calling himself "Bono", lead singer of a traditional Irish folk band. "Oh no you can't!", replied rival Barack Obama, a minor US public servant. "It's always been MY dream to lead humanity toward a new golden dawn of god-consciousness - please vote for me, people of the world!" The panel of judges includes the Roman Pontiff, Ayatollah Emami Kashani and Simon Cowell. Expect tears, tantrums and miracles - leading up to a battle of genuinely revolutionary spiritual philosophies in the exciting final show on August 16.
  • My current fave Islamic peace movement:
    The Qarmatians' goal was to build a society based on reason and equality.
    This naturally involved massacring thousands of pilgrims and at one point pinching the Black Stone from Mecca for ransom.
  • Oh, Heck. And I thought that I too was working for World Peace. But what about those paper marbling examples? They're so pretty...For years I've been keeping a bottle of ox gall handy. I do still intend to float some over a bed of gelled Irish moss, add color and, well, some kind of monkey business, forsooth.
  • They are very beautiful, as far as I can see with my one uncovered eye.
  • How your one heathen uncovered eye disgusts me.
  • A pox on your poxes.
  • I'll have you know that these scabberous pustules are a gift from great Jesus and testimony to my unbridled righteousness. You unsuppurating heathens are merely jealous of the holy maturation of my abscesses of Godliness.
  • Anointeth thineself with OxyClear, thou vile blasphemer.