February 03, 2009

World's First Garbage Truck Powered by Garbage A town in Britain has recently demonstrated its new "'leccy vehicle" - an electric garbage truck that is fueled by the garbage it collects.
  • The world's first perpetual motion machine on wheels. Sweet!
  • People commenting at the forum where I pinched the link from are saying a town in Germany runs all its municipal vehicles using a similar system, so the "world's first" claim might be rubbish (ho, ho) but good stuff either way.
  • "Leccy." You people are adorable. *hugs*
  • Usually seen in "leccy meter" which in the good old days you could fiddle by sticking something less conductive between the contacts so massively reducing your bill without arousing too much suspicion.
  • Why didnt I know you as a student Abeizer?!!! You could have saved me entire PENCE!!!!
  • Where we're going, we won't need roads.
  • Awesome... now maybe they'll finally take my used motor oil.
  • *pings a 'laccy band at mct*
  • Missed! Hoo, mct, you got luc'y on that one!
  • Hey, how about a community website powered by garbage? Oh. Never mind.
  • Hey, how about a community website powered by garbage? BEWARE, TRACIGROUCH - THE DESIRE FOR REVOLUTION IS GROWING
  • A community website powered by garbage? REVOLUTIONTING