March 26, 2004

Taking Heroin Out Of The Head
  • That's fricking scary! Crazy Chinese Metal Shop Surgeon Monkeys! Yikes! I read they've been having great luck with Ibocaine(is that the right name?) in Europe.
  • So, how is this different from trepanning?
  • Smaller holes, I think.
  • This is rich, the Chinese import a machine from the U.S., whose sole purpose is trepination. I'm still laughing. "Geez Curly, I don't big a hole do we need to drill in his head to let all the bad spirits out?"
  • I don't know, I have a lot of questions. Are the holes being drilled in the same area as treppaning holes? Why the three week stay in the hospital? And the whole IQ improvement thing. I just don't know. I'd rather go the Ibocaine way until I know more. Not that I need it....Nosirreee.
  • Is that because you can quit at any time, Darshon?
  • Damn straight! ANY time.
  • What is this 'encephalic localizer' they imported at great expense? A machine that helps you find the patient's brain?
  • Obligatory BME link to one person's experience of trepanation (with NSFLunch pics). Just don't try it yourself with a power drill like this chap.
  • for an alternative perspective on addictions, i recently found this commentary.
  • >>"It's really amazing. It seems that the memory of the drugs has been wiped from my mind,'' Chen said. eternal sunshine of the drugless mind
  • as a firm believer in darwinian theory, i say anyone who wants to drill a hole in their head is more than welcome to do so. me, i'd rather try and keep myself in the gene pool... (there's a reason your brain is encased in a nice, thick skull, people. it does not need to be let out to play.) the people who endorse trepanation are a wee bit oddball to me. they usually cite that the practice is ancient, and therefore good. which is silly. neandertals didn't perform trepanation on themselves because it was a better thing to do, they did it 'cause there weren't any hospitals then. same as people in some parts of the world eating plants to cure diseases; if they had access to a bottle of aspirin or anti-malarial pills, they likely wouldn't eat the plants. true, we can discover medicines from these people, but as we know from the coca plant and opium poppies the distilled product tends to be a bit stronger. near as i can tell self-trepanation has never been useful for anything, except increasing your chances of dying from a brain bleed or massive infection. will it relieve pressure from a head injury? yep, it can do that if done properly by a trained surgeoun with the right equipment; but it can also increase the chance that your fairly soft brain will just come squishing out of the hole, just the same way that play-doh oozes out between your fingers when you squeeze it in your fist. i'll believe that drilling a hole in the head cures addiction when i see it written up in the new enlgand journal of medicine.
  • The willingness to have a hole drilled in your head seems that it a lone would have cured your addictions, ouch!
  • they imported the machine for how much? don't they know they can get the same effect with a common household drill?