December 31, 2008

Sir Terry: Terry Pratchett, the compassionate satirist, gets his K.

This one's for you, 'neddy.

  • I expect they thought they'd better get in while he was still functional, but hearty congrats all the same. It's this kind of thing that makes one glad that one has persevered with the tattered relics of the feudal system, don't you know? Actually he said something on the radio this morning to the effect that he didn't see why a fantasy author would have a problem with being made into a knight, which I thought was rather nice.
  • If he's got to have the Big A, may Sir Terry live in a fantastical kingdom. I've only read a couple of his books and would like to read more. Guess I better get on to that. My library doesn't have but two, and they're nearly impossible to find in used bookstores--the locales I tend to frequent.
  • *throws confetti* Very happy for him, although it's more of a vanity thing than any tangible benefit. Still, I suppose making reservations under "Sir Terry" may be easier at the posher places (^_^) GramMa, I can send you a few books. I've got duplicate copies for, er, a few Discworld novels. Just a few. *cough*
  • Knighted.
  • Psir Pterry!
  • Good Grauniad article featuring pterri and special guest stars.
  • Yes! Loved Snuff.
  • Sir pTerry and another Grauniad article and video interview about Terry Pratchett and his new collaborative science fiction work, The Long Earth with Stephen Baxter.