December 28, 2008

Difficult to say while drunk. tinyurl used because actual URL is 143 characters long
  • Have to say, with the exception of "specificity", which I have trouble with sober, those aren't a problem to me when under the influence. And if I'm commenting on the pleasantness of an evening to a policeman, it's a sure sign I'm drunk.
  • discombobulate flibbertigibbet admonitory URL is 143 characters long Pfft! If you'd climb outta that Christmas gin bottle for a minute, it would be a piece of cake to recite!
  • Gin. $&!@ing gin. Once. Never, ever, again. ever
  • try being a drunkard with a lishp lishhhpf L I S P :P
  • Gollywhompered. Though that might not be hard to say drunk. My two year old just busted out with it. "mommy I'm gollywhompered"