December 16, 2008

Rom-Coms can ruin your love life! A study by the Family and Relationships Laboratory at Heriot-Watt University explores how the portrayal of romance in popular media affects the way people experience their real-life relationships. The study is on-going: take part!
  • Crom!
  • I would totally watch a rom-Crom.
  • 100 student volunteers were asked to watch the 2001 romantic comedy Serendipity, while a further 100 watched a David Lynch drama. Students watching the romantic film were later found to be more likely to believe in fate and destiny. Yes, but what about those who watched the David Lynch movie? What happened to them? I'll tell you. They freaked out, died and were buried. So really Rom-Coms aren't that bad.
  • I'd love to see a Lynch Rom-Com-PsychoDrama. Warning: intimate garment consumption
  • rom-crom?
  • *suddenly wishes that I hadn't read the Bodice Ripper thread*
  • oh please, this is so dumb. could it possibly be that people who like/watch rom-coms enjoy them because they harbor unrealistic ideas about 'romance'? I watch lots of really violent action movies and scary psychological dramas and my love life is great.
  • Watching Rom-Sit-Coms make men want to be chunky and have a waif of a wife who's way out of their league.
  • The test subjects were students, so it's plausible that RomComs had ill effect. They might not have the experience to tell otherwise(?)
  • I watched some of the second Bridget Jones movie last night and it made me want to punch Hugh Grant. But I could watch a Bambi remake featuring Hugh Grant and experience the same effect.