December 08, 2008

And now, a singing crocodile dressed as a cowboy teaches you to meditate. [Via]
  • I feel more relaxed already.
  • How can I relax when there's a cowboy-eating crocodile on the loose?
  • I was fine until the streetlight started to blink, and then I became hypnotized. Not only that, but I was stressed tonight - I feel strangely rejuvenated now. I owe you, hand-dogg!
  • You had me at "Singing crocodile." It is a catchy tune, and I found myself automatically relaxing. I guess I respond well to authoritative anthropomorphic reptiles with funny Engrish subttles.
  • Uh, that was relaxing in a culturally baffling way. Makes me wonder what I was doing with my mind before the Internet came along. And what was happened since.
  • I think I have been brainwashed into joining a Crocodile Cult. But I feel strangely relaxed...