March 25, 2004

Looking for a picture of whatever? Too bad it's not free
  • Wow, $50 for a 418x282 graphic. I'll stick to clone-brushing the previews at corbis, thanks.
  • um... sure, nice collection. but anyone who includes a platypus in with sloths and armadillos doesn't know dick about mammals. he's also got a hyrax in with the rodents, and (as i'm sure everyone is aware) hyraxes should by rights be classified with the elephants. what - you didn't know that? guess it's just me then...
  • You damn biology folks, with your phyla and your funny hats and butterfly nets. Platypi and sloths and armadingdongdillos OBVIOUSLY go together. I don't know why exactly. but it is obvious! How come they don't have pictures of cookies or bananas???
  • Whoa, ernie... you remind me of the times I spent hours remov... erm, 'making less visible' the Adobe logo from the pictures off some sampler disc. "Why did you cropped these pictures like that? Just the top of faces, peripheral details..." "Ah, well, you don't get it. It's... artistic, of course" .
  • Bananas but sadly no cookies.
  • "I am the Hyrax. I speak for the Proboscidee-s."  —Seuss, in a subungulate moment
  • I see. I searched for 'banana' apparently. No bananas for me. Plaintains for the next week.
  • That's Ok sciurus they were prety lousy pics of bananas anyhow.
  • they did have images of computer mice in with the rodents. that at least i found to be amusing, even though it's an old joke (and i'm sure entirely unintentional). and sciurus, i don't have a butterfly net. i do have a funny hat, though. our lab moved into a new building recently, found it in a pile of discarded old physiology equipment. i brought it home. i use it to scare my cats. if you're looking for more images, you can try this or this, for starters. if you want more info on what constitues fair use of images from an archive, this might be good to read as well.
  • ouch! my amazon parrot will be insulted to hear he was classified under cockatoos. and there wasn't a cockatoo in there...go figure.
  • The photos might not be perfect but man, that's a great post, squeak. Great job with the different letters. I loves me these types of posts.
  • Very spiff. The ability to buy this stuff one at a time is so much more reasonable than the old days, when you'd have to plunk down $600 for a CD mostly full of stuff you'd never use. 1-offs are easier to slip into a budget, or make a value-to-this-project kind of decision about.