October 30, 2008

Laura Gainey report published. The report into Laura Gainey's death is out. Laura was the daughter of hockey great Bob Gainey, a formerly-troubled woman who turned her life around, thanks in part to her time aboard the tall ship Picton Castle. In 2006, she was swept off deck, and lost at sea.

An earlier report was unsatisfactory. The new report questions safety procedures, hard-weather training, and the role of the ship's business plan in the decision to sail.

  • See also: The hole in Bob Gainey's heart. (Searching just now, I can't find any mention of Laura's troubled past, but I distinctly remember there being word of it at the time. My sincere apologies if that was not the case.)
  • More on the report. The owner of the Picton Castle will respond later today.
  • The Gainey Foundation, with nice little tributes to Laura and her mom.
  • Right. No comments at all? Yet there was griping for serious stuff! Serious stuff! I preferred the dumb shit, myself. Griping be dammed -- that's what I'm sticking to from now on. At least I know someone is noticing this shit... POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT, PEOPLE.
  • You want serious discussion? OK...how 'bout this whole thing is bullshit. Do you think the Transportation Safety Board would undertake a two-year-long investigation and report if my daughter fell off a boat? Not a chance. (I mean, I could understand if her dad was the Leafs' GM or something...)
  • Well, all you would have to do is get your name on the Cup six times. Which is marginally more likely than it happening for the Leafs.