October 30, 2008

CHOMP! nom nom nom
  • I saw one of these spider on TV last night. David Attenborough said 'sometimes eats small birds'. Having already seen this pics I thought 'yeah, right.' Death by spider must be one of the worst ways to go...
  • Holy crap. That's some web to catch and hold a finch. Spider is quite scary looking.
  • The problem with Golden Orb spiders is that they are so large that, when crossing the bedroom ceiling, they sometimes suddenly fall off. Especially at night.
  • POLYCHROME, darling. you forgot the NSFA tag!!!! (Not Safe For Arachniphobes) luckily existing comments tipped me off to the horrors that would await any clicking of your links so I have not. BUT I COULD HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will never go to Australia. just knowing they have spiders that eat BIRDS is not ok!!!! also, I have an increasing phobia of big spider webs. agggghhhhhh!
  • *runs to crush several ativan into morning coffee
  • also, my backyard is like a spider zoo right now, so I am already at spidercon2
  • And in other Australian wildlife news: Wallaby loose in snowy eastern Ontario.
  • Three-year-old Wendell was on the loose Thursday OMG! He's one of ours!
  • "If they can get near him, grab him by the tail and drop him into a pillow case..." Kit, you hold the pillow case, I'll grab him by the tail! I'll try not to drop him on his head. Again.
  • Sorry Medusa. *contrite*
  • 20 lashes with a wet noodle!
  • Go, Wendell, go!
  • oh no.