October 29, 2008

If Mos Def Were President, things would be better.

Especially when we stop saying "shortie".

  • Except for the flat tax, I'd be totally down with President Def. And Tupac is bigger than a national holiday. OK, he's not.
  • Yeah, I don't want to pay a tax on my flat.
  • Mos Def wouldn't be nearly as awesome a president as Omar Little. Because if we invaded a country, they'd be like "Hey yo Omar comin'!" and then they'd put their WMDs in a bag and drop them out the window and he'd be all "In-deeeed" and then he'd have sex with a guy and we'd all be simultaneously terrified of and in love with him and then McNulty would get drunk.
  • First things first, let's get Stephen Fry as Prime Minister of Great Britain, and William Shatner PM of Canada, then we'll talk about the U.S.
  • Y'know, Salma Hayek as President of Mexico would go a long way toward improving foreign relations.
  • Salma Hayek as President of Mexico would have me renouncing my citizenship and furiously studying up on RosettaStone.
  • ...furiously studying up Is that what the kids are calling it?
  • Have you seen the US RosettaStone tv ad? Speaking of voluptuous Latinas, that ad's argument for becoming multilingual appears to be BIG SHINY BOOBS BIG SHINY BOOBS.
  • I fail to see the downside of that approach, MCT