October 07, 2008

Earth From Above pics. Via MetaChat.
  • Awesome. Thanks rocket.
  • I saw these IRL on the South Bank in London a couple of years ago - absolutely amazing. Thanks for linky, rocket.
  • That may be the best post I have ever seen. Is the "Louis Saint Laurent" in the first photo French for "The Titanic Was a Wimp?"
  • Fascinating!It was an interesing exercise to try to identify the subjects before reading the descriptions.
  • So sad that the majority of the captions seemed to identify the areas as under threat of pollution or global warming.
  • [Update 10.08.2008: At the request of the coordinator of Yann Arthus-Bertrand's upcoming exhibit, the number of photographs displayed here has been reduced to ten - Alan Taylor.] Dagnabit. I've seen this guy's work before, but I didn't get around to checking out this link until tonight, so I missed the ones that have been taken down. Phooey.
  • homunculus, alas they are no longer in my internet files cache but if you are quick the surprisingly titled nsfw.ru has all 38 originals copied and on display. (Other items on that site might be NSFW - like it says on the box).
  • ...except that this a.m. the same site has changed to be some kind of a fake wordpress virus install page. (DO NOT CLICK "Install") Well, with a name like that I should have seen it coming.
  • Oh well, thanks for trying anyway.