October 07, 2008

"More than a thousand juvenile Patagonian penguins have washed up on the northern shores of Brazil this year... Over the weekend, hundreds of the stranded birds were airlifted to the southernmost tip of the country and released into the South Atlantic Ocean [YouTube], close to their native territory. How exactly do you get that many penguins on a plane?"

Happy endings for once. Also, major squeeee factor on that last YouTube link.

  • Why would a penguin be sent to juvie? Also, teh squee! It burns!
  • *keeps tossing stuffed penguins up in a vain attempt to airlift them*
  • They missed one. *slighly teary*
  • Ahhhhh, poop! *begins shredding newspapers and tossing*
  • Opus!... That makes me sad. Bloom County was easily the best thing about the 1980s, and I miss it. Even now, I'm typing this on a Banana Jr. *sigh*