September 16, 2008

Now we know what happened to the nose of the Sphinx...

It ended up in New Zealand!

  • Somebody needs to learn how to use tissue...
  • Nonsense. Everyone knows Obelix knocked it off when he tried to climb the thing. TRUFAX. "No-one will ever thing to look for it here..."
  • "thing" = "think", obv. Will Quid promise us a previwe button for his reign of terror?
  • So maybe Obelix took it to New Zealand. And then he ate all the moa.
  • Looking at the tunnel in the background, I suspect I'm going to be near there on holiday next month. I'll climb in the nostrils for you.
  • Monkeyfilter: I'll climb in the nostrils for you
  • This is your nose on drugs...
  • Everyone of you nose this whole post Sphinx.
  • You blew it up! You damn, dirty apes!
  • No, no, it just fell off! Honestly. I wasn't pickin' at it or anything!
  • Myth Long afterward, Oedipus, old and blinded, walked the roads. He smelled a familiar smell. It was the Sphinx. Oedipus said, "I want to ask one question. Why didn't I recognize my mother?" "You gave the wrong answer," said the Sphinx. "But that was what made everything possible," said Oedipus. "No," she said. "When I asked, What walks on four legs in the morning, two at noon, and three in the evening, you answered, Man. You didn't say anything about woman." "When you say Man," said Oedipus, "you include women too. Everyone knows that." She said, "That's what you think." --Muriel Rukeyser
  • The Sphynx Euripides translated by Michael Wodhull O winged Fiend, who from the Earth And an infernal Viper drew'st thy birth, Thou cam'st, thou cam'st, to bear away, Amidst incessant groans, thy prey, And harass Cadmus' race, Thy frantic pinions did resound, Thy fangs impress'd the ghastly wound, Thou ruthless monster with a virgin's face: What youths from Dirce's fount were borne aloof, While thou didst utter thy discordant song, The furies haunted every roof, And o'er these walls sat Slaughter brooding long. Sure from some God whose breast no mercy knew, Their source impure these horrors drew. From house to house, the cries Of matrons did resound, And wailing maidens rent the skies With frequent shrieks loud as the thunder's burst, Oft as the Sphynx accurst, Some youth, whom in the Theban streets she found, Bore high in air; all glaz'd in wild affright, Till she vanished from their sight.