March 24, 2004

Carl Zimmer's Weblog. I just found this little gem. A great little science blog by Carl Zimmer. You may remember Zimmer who authored this article which had appeared on MeFi a while ago.
  • Argh...more stuff I have to read. And it's full of links to other stuff I must read really soon. And then the beggar has written a book which I have to read immediately.
    *hands over a banana, sobbing brokenly.*
  • Great site. I never saw that previous Zimmer article. A very interesting read. Thanks.
  • Zimmer is back blogging again. His latest is on the genetic evidence for polygyny.
  • (Of course, I will always be most grateful to Zimmer for making me aware of the sea sloth.)
  • People are another puzzling creature, With many an odd feature. Now, to see how our ancestors carried on Should we study the Y or the mitochondrion?
  • I've had this in my 'favorites' (a ridiculously massive listing) and completely forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder. That 'polygyny' article is amazing.