March 24, 2004

Electronic Behavior Control System. (WMV File) Emergency Broadcast Network was one of the great original video culturejammers. This video is their signature work. Other clips can be viewed here.
  • It's funny to see the techniques these pioneers created being used nowadays by agencies to 'move product'. Btw, the PsyOp Anthem is a raw, self-deprecating view at the ad business.
  • I still have the VHS tape they put out years ago, and the CDs with video clips and programs and little semi-subversive doodads on them. EBN did give me a few pavlovian tendencies, though. Whenever I hear Mariah Carey songs (or other diva-esque songs) I always break out with "Get! Down! Get down! I'll shoot the Mac-10!" much to general consternation.
  • Yesh, every time i see OJ, I start murmuring: "Don't fake it.. you'll make it.. it's about Aladdin's Lamp and A Lad Insane..." Man, I need to get that album again.