August 04, 2008

the idiot test.
  • See also the impossible quiz.
  • I must be an idiot because I swear the instructions aren't accurate.
  • He didn't say "Simon Says".
  • It could be that you know that squares are also rectangles, or you could be colorblind. This test does unfairly imply that the colorblind are idiots. So, my apologies if that's your case.
  • It's better than the usual testy idiots, I suppose.
  • i won!
  • No, actually I'm an idiot who has a tendency to misread instructions, after redoing the test. I admit I am completely incapable of following instructions and generally invent meals because I can't read a recipe.
  • It called me a fool. For this it must pay.
  • ARRGHHHH *punches fist thru LCD*
  • For scientific purposes, I'll try it again after a couple of drinks. Just, y'know, for SCIENCE.
  • Wait. It says I passed the idiot test so I'm brilliant. Wouldn't passing an idiot test mean you're an idiot?
  • Tracy, I always try to put something together first and then read the instructions. And the best meals come out of not reading the recipe.