July 30, 2008

LA Weekly's "Where to Eat Now" list for GPS Devices Long time no see everybody! I took the time to compile the "Where to Eat Now" list for use on GPS devices (at least on the TomTom) published by Jonathan Gold, Pulitzer prize winning food critic at the LA Weekly. See inside for link.

Add-To-TomTom I hope this works. Sorry if not.

  • I have a TomTom. I have never been in LA. When the Fergus listings come out, let me know.
  • This project took you a long time. I mean, OMG! SELFLINKZ!!!1!
  • Hey squidders!
  • *waves*
  • I forgot about the self link thing. Sorry. But it could be helpful for us LA technogeeks. It took about four hours. Not too bad for a dedicated foodie. Hi Koko and it's nice to see you among the usual suspects Capt. Renault.
  • Hi Sqidward!
  • Howdy!
  • Thanks for the greetings rocket88 and the lovely meredithea. So what have you kids been doing lately? I've been checking in, not that much, sorta month to month. Any new drama?
  • Squiddy you're such a show off! *waves*
  • Gastric Procurement Systems? (Brownies and coffee, BTW)
  • Gen-u-winely Perfect Sustenance? Well done!! Skrik: We're not Blue Meanies. Anything leading to something potentially edible is fine by hungry monkeys. (double posts excluded, unless it's something I missed the first go-round) OMG! I mean Skrik and Squidward in the same thread? *waves twice*