July 28, 2008

Everybody needs cube toys!! . . Generate your own job title. Decorate your cube. Stay motivated.
  • GramMa, I have been coveting the Cube Toys for a looong time. You may have pushed me over the edge of consumerism on this one :)
  • P.S. The fact that it is 3:31 am and I am, in fact, IN my cube means I deserve a reward, right?
  • IT'S A TITTLE!? Looking at the source code, it's just a period. Why it is so tiny, I cannot fathom. ......................
  • Or else a fly has shat up your screen.
  • Huh. Putting a period before a {br /} (where the {} are really <>) makes a teeny tiny dot. .
  • Just a tittle, just a dot, Just a little teeny spot. These are srsly cute, GramMa. I notice there are Onion and Google computer screens, but no MoFi. Or even MeFi. And no red Swinglines.
  • or tapes, if that's what you call them in your particular corporate hell...
  • What do Corporate Zombie hunger for? 'Staaaaapleersssss...'?