March 23, 2004

Herbs & Spices for Monkeys
  • Wow! this is a great resource - straight into the food bookmarks. Thanks Gyan. But what's this other stuff he does? Torsion potentials about the X-X-H bond in homosubstituted primary carbenes (X=C) and silylenes (X=Si) have been investigated at the multi-reference averaged coupled pair functional (MR-ACPF) level of theory. - my head just fell off.
  • We're all sorry that we referred to foods that should properly be called sabji as curry.
  • Oooo! We likes the tastes! The section on spice mixtures is especially interesting -- some in there I never heard of before. Fine link, Gyan, thanks.
  • mexican: You are *grumble* *grumble* forgi ..oh fuggedaboutit. Never.
  • Awesome foodie link! My stomach and I thank you Gyan.
  • i immediately added that link to my recipe favourites. i've been seriously cultivating my own herb garden and the more info i can muster the better. my daughter will be laughing all the more about how my s-i-l suffers after dining at my table. i dearly love my seasonings. thank you, gyan. that deserves a highly spiced banana, imho.
  • This is brilliant, Gyan, though unfortunately the site doesn't give ratios to mix your own spice mixtures of the spice mixtures. (I can get the composite spices easily in Toronto, but don't have good recipes to use them in.)
  • MonkeyFilter: a highly spiced banana
  • (i thought this was about how to spice monkey meat. kid you not.)
  • *snkk* monkey meat! /giggle