March 23, 2004

The Spin on Spin: Caught on tape (Real videos ).
  • Snippets here.
  • [banana] Pity that the people who ought to read it won't. But I now have somethng to point at when Yanks whine about their "librul media".
  • I'm shocked that these students are shocked by the fact that 'spin happens'. Everyone should be aware of this. I get an upset stomach everytime I think about how ridiculously uninformed most people are about most things. Especially when I know how uninformed I am. Cripes, the work you have to put into staying informed about anything.....your required to go to multiple sources, cross-check information, hopefully after doing lot's of this, you'll eventually find a consistant source of information that seems the most correct, stick with it for awhile. Then double-check that one to make sure someone's agenda hasn't changed. Whew! Okay, I'm alright. Please, don't mind me, just having an 'episode'. Thought about not posting this, but then thought that maybe someone might understand my ramblings. I get mad and incoherent sometimes.