July 04, 2008

When a daddy loves a mommy very much... he buys a home server.
  • So true.
  • I doubt it. He bought it for his porn collection.
  • But, our MoFi daddy and mommy have a server for us, and some out there may make fun of it, but we love it and them sooooo much! So, maybe they love us very much. And, we've been so good lately that they love us even more! So, now, what mischief can we get into?
  • That isn't what my daddy did.
  • My Daddy could barely operate a pocket calculator. He wielded a guitar like a demon though.
  • Server? Hardly knew' er!
  • I like cheese.
  • MonkeyFilter: What mischief can we get into?
  • Cheese likes you too, Hank! why do i feel so dirty now?
  • If he really loved her the server would run Linux.
  • If he really loved her the server would run LinuxBSD. Though, guys who set up Linux Home Servers have children, frozen ones in sperm banks.
  • Reading about the bad people making fun of the innocent home server made me sad.