June 21, 2008

Code Rush, the Mozilla Documentary from 2000. Or, how they managed to open-source Netscape in an insanely short amount of time.

Stuff not included: the sanitization of the source, the resignation letter of Jamie Zawinski.

  • This is interesting, but there's football on the telly...
  • > the resignation letter of Jamie Zawinski As someone who was marginally dependent on Netscape/IE in the late 1990s, at least from the aspect of standards alignment, I'd say that the failure to produce Netscape 5 (the first that was Gecko codenamed?) was a major disappointment, as we'd pinned a lot of hopes on this. Looking back on my perception of the browser market at the time, I expected a properly standards-compliant Netscape 5 to regain the market share it had lost to IE. So we waited and waited and waited...
  • Yeah, I was sort of a died-in-the-wool Netscape user back then.. but 4.5+ was very buggy, and crashed more than IE. And then there was the 6.0 disaster. For a while I used Galeon. And since I thought myself hardcore, I would compile it, spending hours getting the dependencies right. And then Pheonix (since 0.2 or 0.3), which became Firebird, and Firefox after the database outcry, with some time spent with Opera.
  • These guys deserve metals in heaven!