June 19, 2008

Farming with dynamite! Why waste time and money rotating crops and tilling the same old boring soil when y'coulda just done blowed it up?

On further inspection, was once posted at some other place. That's a google.

  • I love that it's "Red Cross" brand dynamite.
  • I have to tell you, after sweating for hours on the Albuquerque hard-pan and barely making a scratch, that dynamite farming sounds pretty good.
  • No obligatory Farm Film Celebrity Blowup? Now that's blowed up real good!
  • When I was in Middle School, two of my older pals used to throw quarter sticks of dynamite out moving cars, using fuses to light the caps. Since they were both over eighteen at the time, and they got caught, the proverbial stuff hit the fan. But for a time the local paper kept reporting on yet more yards of turf being blown out of cemetery lawns. They'd purchased the dynamite ostensibly for blowing up stumps, claiming to be farmers, but I don't think they ever did try that. (After a brief hiatus, one ended up getting a degree in electrical engineering from M.I.T.; the other became a professor of anthropology).