June 18, 2008

Are you aware of all internet traditions?
  • LAWL
  • Why yes, yes I am.
  • ORLY?
  • Is this where I should mention I'd never heard of the Shorter (X) thing? EPIC FAIL
  • Shorter.
  • I am so far from understanding any of this that I cannot even begin to explain my confusion.
  • *wishes he could roffle, but has no idea what this is all about*
  • LOL WTF? OMG! Give that kitteh a cookie. All yer intarweb tradishuns belong to me! Cole supports Nazis! Thread Godwined.
  • Who must know the way to make a proper blog, A quiet blog, a kosher blog? Who must know the status of the IP log, So we are free to read the top-post links? The Bashi - the Bashi! The Bashi! Tradition - tradition! Tradition!
  • I am not aware of I am aware of all internet traditions.
  • So what exactly is this and why is it here? Is balloon-juice.com noteworthy somehow? No snark intended...I'd just like to understand the significance.
  • *has a sudden craving for matzoh ball soup*
  • balloon juice duuuuhhhhhhh seriously, is this a polychrome recommended site?
  • It's an example of intense stupidity by Rightwing Fucktards being exposed by internets.
  • It's just a run-of-the-mill internet retard who framed his retardation in a rather poetically moronic way.
  • Shorter
  • said poetry then inspiring the audience.... see for instance here here here here here aaaand here.
  • anyway, balloon juice as such not recommended (though not not recommended, don't get me wrong) - guess I'm easily amused....
  • on further contemplation - OR I spend too much time on the internet...
  • Blogging? Cool, I love blogging! Let's go blog something now!
  • June 18, 2008 9966 members That's a lot of monkeys.
  • Monkeyfilter: a run-of-the-mill internet retard who framed his retardation in a rather poetically moronic way
  • That's a lot of SEOs and spambots. But also a lot of funny, friendly, rather odd monkeys.
  • you forgot the cocksock-monkeys, 'Bashi.
  • So, these funny, friendly, rather odd monkeys. Where are they?
  • *holds up mirror*
  • Heh. I was highly amused that the "staff of the Chicago Tribune" (a generally fairly conservative newspaper) happened to be their great (fairly liberal) columnist Eric Zorn. So, on top of missing the point of shorter (which, while I've never actually heard of before this, isn't that hard to figure out), they seem to be unable to grasp the longer point of the all around weakness of the false-but-trivial-even-if-it-was-true story about Michelle Obama talking about "whitey". The longer this election drags out the more I'm sure that its going to be a test of the intelligence of the American people and whether or not they have the ability to see through even the most blatant BS or whether they're really dumb enough to fall for anything if its presented properly.
  • Wait! Here! Let me try: Shorter Zorn:
    Even if the Michele Obama tape had existed, which it doesn't, "Whitey" is a pretty weak "slur" to get all upset over.
    Shorter neo-neocon:
    It is too worth getting upset over! Its just as bad as the N-word ... except for the slavery and institutionalized racism ... if she had even said it ... which she didn't
  • This thread shorter: WTF is this about and WTF does "shorter" mean?
  • I am whitey. Don't trust me. Or, give me your PIN number. Whichever.
  • Timeline
  • This whole thread needs more cowbell.
  • I love being aware of all internet traditions.
  • All internet traditions ate my balls.
  • Ceiling cat is watching you being aware of all internet traditions.
  • Him name is Hopkin Green Internet Traditions...
  • All your internet traditions are dead to me. .
  • They will be missed. .
  • Hmmm, I guess that's about it for this one. I had a late supper. Peanut Butter and Jelly sammich.